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Watch, shoot, and post videos up to 10 seconds.
This is "the video-sharing app with maps" which makes a new connection between a place and a video.

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Developed by GMO DigiRock, Inc.

Starting to support

Starting to support "360° VR Videos."

Gion Festival 360° VR Yamahoko Map 2016
mizica 360° VR Videos Vol.1

Gion Festival

360° VR Yamahoko Map 2016

mizica will support 360° VR videos.
First, we uploaded the video of "Yamahoko Junko of Gion Festival" in 360° VR.
You can enjoy watching it from any angles and feel as if you were at the festival!

About 360° VR Videos

360° VR videos enable to watch from any angles. They attract much attention in recent years because users can easily enjoy them on their smartphone.

About Yamahoko Junko

It is held during the period of Gion Festival, which is held by Yasaka-jinja Shrine, Kyoto, and it is one of the main attractions of the festival. We took the video of Yamahoko Junko in 360° VR this time.

Features of mizica

New Connection Between a Place and a Video

Searching videos with a place name or an address, you can watch them which are unique to the place. Moreover, this app can sort videos by categories, so you can search the videos with your favorite genre.

Decoration with Music and Stickers

Users can edit their own videos by adding comments, stickers, and music on "mizica." Editing with a variety of ways, you can make your videos more fun and enjoyable.

Communication with Videos and Maps

Videos shot by other users as well as yours are showed on "mizica" maps, so you can follow the users who you like and give comments to videos. Let's discover something new through communication such as telling feelings about videos!

How to use mizica

  • Shoot a Short Video

    You can shoot a video anytime and anywhere.

  • Edit and Share Your Video

    Decorate your video with stickers and music! Anyone can upload a video by a simple operation and share them with his/her friends.

  • Watch Videos

    You can watch the videos posted at the place you are and also search them with a posted date.

mizica Movies

Video-sharing app which enables you
to record everyday events with maps
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