■About System Requirements

Q. What are recommended system requirements?

A. In order to use mizica comfortably, we recommend that you use it under the following environments.

  • iOS 8 or later
  • iPhone 5s or later

Q. How do I use on android?

A. The app for android is now under development, so you can watch videos only on mizica website(

■About Accounts

Q. I want to change my password.

"A. On the app, tap a setting icon at the upper right corner of ""My Page,"" and select ""Change My Password."" Then, a password generated at random will be sent your e-mail address. Notes: We don't currently support changing an arbitrary password."

Q. I forgot my password.

A. Please contact the form and fill in your e-mail address.

■About Videos

Q. I want to upload my video with my favorite music.

"A. We don't currently support uploading a video with copyrighted music.
Notes: When you upload a video with copyrighted music, your video can be deleted."

Q. Can I download other users' videos?

A. You can't download other users' videos on mizica.

Q. My video was deleted.

A. Your video was deleted because of falling under the following categories. If your video doesn't fall under the following categories, please contact us.

  • Deleted because your video included non-official music of mizica.
  • Deleted because a third person notified us of a copyright infringement.
  • Deleted because we judged as illegal based on the terms of service.

Q. About illegal videos.

A. We delete a video fallen under Article 8 and 9 of the terms of service as needed. Reported a video seemed illegal by a third person, we will check it. When it will be judged as illegal, we will delete it.

  • When you use the app, please report from the menu "Others" at the lower right corner of your watching page, and select "Report an Inappropriate Video."
  • When you report from the contact form, please be sure to input "URL of a video page*1."

 *1 URL of a video page has a URL " letters of alphanumeric)."

Q. Report of a copyright infringement.

A. Please report from the contact form, and be sure to fill out the following information. When there is a blank, we can't respond.

  • URL of a video infringed a copyright
  • Detailed description of an infringement
  • Real name of a person who reports to us
  • Relation of a person who reports to us and a copyright owner
  • Name of a company or a copyright owner
  • Address of a copyright owner
  • Phone number of a copyright owner
  • Details of a copyright or a trademark
  • Registration number of a copyright or a trademark

Notes: We are not in a position to arbitrate a dispute between a user who uploads a video and a copyright owner. Then, a report is valid, and we research on it. Judging that a video committed a copyright infringement, we will delete it.